eyeRegatta Progress

EyeRegatta will be a limited edition of iRegatta, simply caused by the smaller display and the limited input options.

The plan is to make eyeRegatta work in 3 different modes:

"Sailplan" - a new iRegatta feature

This new In-App-Purchase feature, will suggest which sails you should use in the current conditions.
For this to work, you need to have separate polar files for each of your sail combinations.

If you are navigating a route, you'll also be able to see which sail you should set for next leg, so you can prepare sail changes in time.

Read more about it here.

iRegatta and CUPS 4.0

The newly released version 3.65.2 of iRegatta for Android, and version 4.14.1 for iOS, that will release within a week or two, supports Bluetooth LE connection to the CUPS 4.0 anemometer from Calypso Marine Instruments.

Transas on-line sea charts in iRegatta

Starting from next release of iRegatta, the iOS version will be able to display Transas on-line sea charts as an alternative to the Apple maps.
It's important to underline that these are not off-line maps that are stored and rendered on the device, it's map tiles that are downloaded when needed at different zoom levels, very much in the same way as when you display the satelite overlay in Apple maps.
BUT - iRegatta will offer the option to cache the Transas map tiles on the device, which gives you two advantages.

HUD postponed - UPDATED

Unfortunately Recon Instruments have just postponed their release of the "Jet" from late spring to September 25th, so unfortunately that means no eyeRegatta for this summer in the northern hemisphere.

recon Instruments have just postponed theit Jet glases to January-March 2015... So don't wait up!

HUD for iRegatta

Heads Up Display is comming to iRegatta this summer.
iRegatta will come with a new "eyeRegatta" feature this summer, based on the "Jet" Heads-Up display glasses from Recon Instruments (http://www.reconinstruments.com/products/jet/).
Development is on it's way, but the Jet glasses are not yet available on the marked, so when exactly this will be available cannot be confirmed right now.

Drop pin on map as waypoint

When adding or editing waypoints in iRegatta, you can now tap the "Map" button from the add/edit waypoint view, to get to a map where you can "drop a pin" to set the position of the waypoint. Simply long tap on the position on the map, and the pin will move to that position.
This feature is available from version 3.36.0, that should be available on all platforms within 24 hours.

For all iPad1 users...

iRegatta 3.35.0 unfortunately crashed on all devices with iOS versions lower than 6.0, like the iPad1.

Now you should be able to downgrade again to the latest working version.
App store will tell you that an update is available. If your device hasn't iOS 6.0 or higher, it'll ask you if you want to install the latest version for your device, accept that and you'll get version 3.30.1 and you should be back in buisness.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

Regards Thomas