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iRegatta vs iRegatta Pro

Now (finally) we have an iRegatta and iRegatta Pro for both iOS and Android.

Here are some of the reasons for this new setup.
1. The intention was to make a free version of iRegatta, where you can test the features and even test NMEA input to verify that it works with your hardware, before paying for the app. iRegatta now gives you 4 minutes of evaluation each time the app starts. On Android you have a 15 minute period you can test an app and then still cancel your purchase, on iOS that's not an option. I wanted to give the users better options to verify that everything works as expected.
2. In-App Purchases can now free you from the 4 minutes limit, changing your evaluation app into a "real" iRegatta app with no limits.
3. NMEA and AIS are "advanced" add-ons to the original iRegatta app, and it's also the part that takes most support hours. I found it fair that users who use this advanced option (that absolutely add value to the iRegatta users) pay a little extra. This is a separat In-App purchase in iRegatta.
4. There is no way, neighter on iOS or Android, that I can implement In-App purchases for futur customers and at the same time give that featur to all existing customers. It wouldn't be fair to force existing customers to pay once again for a feature that they already have today. The only solution is to make two apps. All existing customers where "upgraded" to iRegatta Pro, which is the same as iRegatta, but with all In-App Purchases activated.

So for new customers - if you buy iRegatta Pro, you get the exact same app as iRegatta, but with all In-App Purchases activated. No difference in features or price.