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iRegatta Watch

iRegatta Watch is a stand alone Watch App, targeting regatta sailors, and especially dinghy sailors that don't instruments on their boat.

This watch app does NOT communicate with iRegatta or iRegatta PRO on your iPhone. If that's what you want, buy the "Apple Watch Integration" in iRegatta on your iPhone.

The app is optimised for the Apple Ultra Watch, which easily can hold battery for a full day of racing or training. It'll work on other Apple Watches also, but battery life is more limited.
Also the app can be operated using the Action button while the Water Lock is activated, which is more suitable in a wet environment.

From the launch screen you can swipe right, to enter the Settings view.

Here you configure what to show on your race view, and what your start countdown should start from.

You can also set a "Speed Warning", to give you a warning when you cross a speed limit you define, to let you know you have beaten your personal best, your foiler should be able to lift of, or what other warning you can think of.

If you swipe left from the launch screen, you can redisplay the summary from you last sail, before it's overwritten from you next session.

You start a new sailing session by tapping the "Start Sailing" launch screen, which will start your workout and start the GPS.

Depending on your setting, you can show:

- a lift indicator, showing you if your cours has changed over the last 10 seconds, indicating there could be a change of wind direction
- COG, your Course Over Ground
- SOG, your Speed Over Ground (in knots)
- Max speed, including your best 10 second average

Swiping right will bring you to the control view, where you can end your session, activate the water lock or reset the Max Speed.

Swiping to the left will bring you to the Start View. Here you can start or pause the countdown. While counting down you can sync to the nearest minute. If paused you can reset the clock to the number of minutes set in the Settings view.

If you have an Apple Watch Ultra, you can operate the watch with the buttons and the crown even with the water lock activated.
If in the race view, pressing the Action button will bring you to the start view. Pressing the Action and Home button simultaneous will bring you to the Control view.
In the Control View, the scrolling the Digital Crown will shift which button is highlighted and the Action Button will press that button. Action button + Home Button will bring you to the Start View.
The Start View is optimised execute the most likely scenarios during a start sequence only with the Action button. The stat countdown button is highlighted as default, and pressing the Action Button will start the countdown. While counting down, the Action button will as default turn into the Sync button. With the Digital Crown you can highlight the pause button. When the count down is paused, the button will turn into a reset button, and should you chose to reset the countdown, focus will automatically turn back to the start button.
Action button + Home button will again switch back to the Race view.

When ending a sailing session you get your session summery including:
- Start time
- Total time
- Max speed
- Max 10 sec average speed
- Distance sailed
- Total Energy
- Max heart rate
- Average heart rate.

Your sailing session will be recorded as a workout in HealthKit, helping you close those activity circles. As listed above, your Energy burned and heart rate information will be listed in your sailing summery, when you end your session.