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iRegatta is a tactical Regatta application as well as a crusing navigation application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. (Devices without GPS only with NMEA input via WiFi, Android devices can also get NMEA input via Bluetooth - see below).

Read the Users Manual here for iOS

The build-in GPS unit and the unique graphical possibilities of these devices, makes them ideal for such an application.

iRegatta vs iRegatta Pro
The two apps have the same capabilities, but iRegatta is for free and can run for 4 minutes for evaluation, before it stops receiving GPS and NMEA data. With In-App Purchases you can buy access to the parts of iRegatta you need. iRegatta Pro has the Basic, NMEA and AIS features enabled. Other In-App purchases are available in both versions.

If your boat has other instruments (GPS and wind instrument) and a device that broadcasts these NMEA informations over WiFi (iOS and Android) or BlueTooth (Android only), you can now use these informations instead of the phone/tablets build in GPS. And this way an iPod touch or iPad without GPS can be used as well.

The following hardware has been proved by the manufactors to work with iOS devices


iRegatta has quite a few features, here's a list of the most important ones:
  • Race view with.
    • 4 configurable readouts.
    • Performance bar (compared to your polar).
    • Speed and VMG history graph.
    • Guide to steer optimum TWA (from polar file).
    • Layline tool.

  • Start View with:
    • Mark the start line.
    • Distance and time to line.
    • Polar overlay to see your options in the remaining time till the start.
    • Burn/Gain bar.

  • Navigation View for waypoints, routes and tracking.
  • Wind view, to set wind information in case you don't get that from NMEA input, and wind history graph.
  • Statistics view and import/export of polars, waypoints and routes.
  • NMEA view, to display your NEMA instrument data.
  • AIS view, to see a radar-like view of AIS data from NMEA input

Please take a look at the user manual to get a detailed overview of all the features in iRegatta.

There are small differences in the iPhone, iPod and iPad version compared to the Android version.