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iRegatta on Android has finally been tested with Wifi Ad-hoc UDP.
As far as I can see, Android still doesn't support Ad-hoc in version 4.0.4 (might be hardware dependent), but with a hack I managed to make Ad-hoc work on Android 3.2 on my XOOM tablet. With that I was able to test iRegatta with the "DMK box" with success.
Don't ask me for tips on how to make Ad-hoc work on your Android device, cause I'm absolutely no expert on that - it took me a week to find the right approach on my tablet, but there's plenty of articles about it on the internet...

The next iRegatta version for iOS is a little delayed cause it was rejected by Apple. The error has been corrected and a new version submitted. Probably due to the new iPad launch, things are a little slow at Apple these days.