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Post Race Analysis

In version 3.30.0 of iRegatta, there will be the option of buying a new feature called "Post Race Analysis". Below there is a brief description of how it works:

With this in-App purchase you'll be able to analyse your racing if you have tracked it.
Based on tracked wind information and position/course and speed, iRegatta will split your track into up and down wind legs, and each leg will be devided into starboard and port tacks.

If you use the start line tool, the start line and start time will be included in the track, and the analyzed part of the track will be trimmed to the time of the start. In your race analysis you'll see how many seconds after the gun you crossed the line, and what your distance to the line was, as the gun went off.

For each leg you can get information about duration, average performance compared to your polar, and number of tacks and jibes on that leg.

For each tack you can get information about duration, average performance compared to your polar, average speed and wind speed.

Each tack and jibe can allso be analysed in detail, showing you the distance lost during the maneuver. iRegatta calculates where you would have been 30 seconds after the maneuver, if you would have continued with the same course and speed you had 30 seconds prior to the maneuver, and compares it to where you actually where 30 seconds after the maneuver.
In case the tack before or after the maneuver was shorter than 1 minute, iRegatta will use position, course and speed from the middle of that leg instead of 30 seconds before/after the maneuver.So pay attention to the number of seconds displayed to the right of the maneuver graph - shorter time may lead to a less trustworthy analysis.

If you have run an analysis before exporting the track, a Post Race Analysis summery will be included in the track export mail.