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NMEA2000 and SeaTalk support

I'm currently adding NMEA2000 and SeaTalk support for the iOS version of iRegatta, using the DMK box, and NMEA2000 using
Actually the current version of iRegatta already supports NMEA2000 from the DMK box and, I just didn't advertise it because it needed a little more testing. So far all basic input for speed, position, heading, wind etc. seems to work, but NMEA2000 AIS information and waypoint information isn't added yet.

I need more test data for SeaTalk implementation, so if any of you guys out there has iRegatta on iOS and use SeaTalk input from a DMK box, then please record a log for me using the free app iNmeaLogger and mail it to me - info(at)
And please tell me what your instruments where approximately showing at the tim the log was recorded,

iRegatta will be able to handle mixed input from the DMK box, so SeaTalk, NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 all can connect to the DMK box and create input for iRegatta.