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New price structure in the near future

Today iRegatta costs the same as it did almost 3½ years ago, when it was only a speed, VMG, distance to start line and countdown tool.
A lot of features have been added for free all these years, but the price has remained 10 USD.

The time has come to change that, but that won't change anything to all you users that already have iRegatta. On iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) there are today two iRegatta apps: "iRegatta" and "iRegatta Free". The free version runs for 4 minutes and stops updating NMEA input and internal GPS after that. It's a "teaser" app, to show the features of iRegatta for Free.

The plan is to rename iRegatta to "iRegatta Pro", which will hold all the features that current users have today, but the price will double.

"iRegatta Free" will be renamed to "iRegatta", and will probably be the entry app for future users. In there you will be able to buy an In-App-Purchase called "iRegatta Basic" to remove the 4 minute limit and enable internal GPS and all the features like navigation, laylines, manual wind input, polars/performance etc.

The next In-App-Purchase will be "iRegatta NMEA", that will enable NMEA input (it'll require iRegatta Basic as a prerequisite).

Last In-App-Purchase will be "iRegatta AIS", that will enable AIS sentences as NMEA input (it'll require iRegatta Basic and NMEA as a prerequisite).

Prices will be:
iRegatta Basic: 10 USD
iRegatta NMEA: 6 USD
iRegatta AIS: 4 USD
So in short, for new iRegatta users that use it as a standalone app, the price will remain the same. More advanced users who use NMEA input, will have to pay a little extra.

This will first be implemented on iOS, and later a similar setup will be made on Android.

But in the end - no change for current users. You are all automatically upgraded to iRegatta Pro with all features at no extra cost.