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Android versions will be discontinued

iRegatta will be discontinued on Android platform by October 2012.
Only iOS version will be supported and continue development!

This also goes for droidAIS.

This is due to the challenges to make iRegatta and droidAIS work on all Android devices.
Some devices perform allright, others fail, behave strange or are limited.
Some Android implementations are malicious or not reliable, while others perform floor less.

This makes it hard (or close to impossible) to create an app that performs as expected and has the quality level I would like to supply.

I do expect that iRegatta will continue to work for the users who already are using iRegatta (I know it works that way on iOS), but new users will not be able to by the apps, and I won't be able to make new releases with additional features or bug fixes as I drop out of the Android developer program.

Sorry to all Android users, and thanks for supporting iRegatta and droidAIS.

Regards Thomas