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iRegatta for android

A first "Basic" release of iRegatta for android has been published on the android market.

This first version has all the basic features for racing, based on the internal GPS of the device.
You have speed (SOG), course (COG) and VMG, based on a typed in Wind Direction.
You get the lift indicator.
You have you speed and VMG history graph.

You get a start view where you can store your startline ends to get your distance and time to line.
You get indications on what end of the line is favioured, based on your typed in Wind Direction.

You get a wind view where you can type in Wind Direction, Tack Angle and Jibe Angle, or you can sail close haul on starboard and port tack, and stor your course to iRegatta to calculate the values for you.

Frequent updates are scheduled to get iRegatta for android up to the same level as iRegatta for iDevices.
Right noe the prize is low, but as features get added, prize will increase to the same level as for the iDevices.