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HUD for iRegatta

Heads Up Display is comming to iRegatta this summer.
iRegatta will come with a new "eyeRegatta" feature this summer, based on the "Jet" Heads-Up display glasses from Recon Instruments (
Development is on it's way, but the Jet glasses are not yet available on the marked, so when exactly this will be available cannot be confirmed right now.
Recon Instruments don't have a dedicated app store for paied apps yet and they don't support Google Play, even though they are Android based. Buying the glasses of Recon to preinstall eyeRegatta and resell them again will only add costs for the enduser, so the plan os to license eyeRegatta through an in-app-purchase in iRegatta. You'll have to buy the glasses of Recon Instruments yourself..

EyeRegatta is planned to run in 3 different modes:
1. Standalone
The Jet glasses have build in GPS, so eyeRegatta will be able to run basic stuff without any external connections.
2. NMEA connected
The Jet glasses will be able to connect by WiFi directly to a NMEA-to-WiFi bridge, and get additional information from the boats sensors.
3. iRegatta connected
eyeRegatta can connect to a smartphone or tablet running iRegatta. Actions will be synced between the devices, so if you fore instance start count down on your tablet, count down will also start on the glasses.
This mode will require WiFi on your boat, which you NMEA-to-WiFi bridge will supply.

As mentioned before, eyeRegatta will require to be connected to a device running iRegatta to get a license. A bennefit from this is that although glasses are really good at displaying the information you need, they are really bad when it comes to entering data. You'll simply sync data like waypoints, routes, polars etc. from iRegatta to eyeRegatta. Once synced and license granted from iRegatta, the Jet glasses can run eyeRegatta standalone if you like, without being connected to an iRegatta device.

So far Recon Instruments are promissing a "Late spring" delivery of the Jet glasses, and eyeRegatta in it's first version should be available short time after that.