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iRegatta 3.35.0 with Pebble 2.0

Version 3.35.0 of iRegatta is upcoming, including these new features:
- Import of existing track files (csv format), good if you want to use the newly added "Post Race Analysis" feature on older tracks.
- Post your tracks on facebook, including duration, distance and max speed directly from iRegatta.
- Extra features in the Pebble interface.

As iRegatta is integrated with Pebble, the next release unfortunately awaits Pebbles release of version 2.0 of their firmware. Pebble 2.0 will not run existing watchapps, so with iRegatta 3.35.0 comes version 1.10 of the iRegatta Pebble watchapp.
So for you iRegatta users using the Pebble integration, don't upgrade your Pebble before iRegatta 3.35.0 is available, and then upgrade the Pebble App, iRegatta and the Pebble firmware at the same time. iRegatta will then prompt you to download the latest iRegatta watchapp on the next start of iRegatta with the Pebble connected.