iRegatta 3.01.0 features

3.01.0 for Android has been released, and is in the review process at Apple for release to the App Store.

Besides a few bug fixes, 3.01.0 now allows waypoints and routes to be edited.
In iOS, tap the "Edit" button in the waypoint list view, and tap the waypoint or route you want to edit.
In Android just long tap on the item, and choose "Edit" from the popup.

Count Down in the start view can now be adjusted from within the view. Use the new + and - buttons.

iRegatta AIS bug

There's a bug in the WiFi AIS parsing in both the Android and iOS versions.
For Android a new release (3.00.3) has been published, that hopefully solves this, for iOS a new version (3.01.0) has been submitted for Apples approval, and is expected to be available within 2 weeks.

AIS is coming to iRegatta

iRegatta 3.00.0 for iPhone/iPad has just been released, and with that an "AIS radar" is added to iRegatta. This is of cause only working if you have the hardware to transmit NMEA AIS data over WiFi.

It's not in the Android version yet - but hopefully it'll be with in short time.

Buggy Android version 2.75 and 2.76

Android version 2.75 gave some user a strange error, causing iRegatta to crash.
Strangely a cleanup of all builds and recompilation of the source code solved that problem. So please upgrade to 2.77 which should be available in Google Play to solve that problem, first reports back say it works.

Sorry for the inconvinience.


iRegatta on Android has finally been tested with Wifi Ad-hoc UDP.
As far as I can see, Android still doesn't support Ad-hoc in version 4.0.4 (might be hardware dependent), but with a hack I managed to make Ad-hoc work on Android 3.2 on my XOOM tablet. With that I was able to test iRegatta with the "DMK box" with success.
Don't ask me for tips on how to make Ad-hoc work on your Android device, cause I'm absolutely no expert on that - it took me a week to find the right approach on my tablet, but there's plenty of articles about it on the internet...

WiFi NMEA on Android

WiFi NMEA input has been added to the Android version 2.60.
You can choose TCP or UDP WiFi in the settings.

Due to limited test facilities and lack of a test device with Android 4.0, this should be considered Beta.
It has only been tested with infrastructure WiFi TCP, not with UDP and not with Ad-Hoc WiFi!

Please send feedback on the forum

iRegatta 2.85 for iOS - exciting new features

A new version is on it's way, and it has some great new features.

A new "Trim" button in the Statistics View, let's you trim/uptimize your polars.
In the sample below only a few values have been typed in for the one side of the polar. A tap on the Trim button an values have been mirrored and interpolated - also interpolated across windspeeds. This will make it a lot easier to get a valid polar.

It's now possible to save temporare waypoints