Version 2.60 released

A new version with many new features has been released.
-Main menu buttons replaced by sliding views
-New setting for prefered longitude/latitude format
-Graphical layline feature, when navigating towards waypoints
-Input for jibe angle, for downwind laylines
-Create temporare waypoint by bearing/distance
-Create simple routes of a series of waypoints
-Settings for auto advancing to next waypoint when navigating a route
-Support for UDP packets when connected to NMEA devices

iRegatta 2.00 is on it's way

iRegatta 2.00 will soon be released. There are two mayor improvements:

1. iRegatta is now a "Universal app", meaning it now runs on iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and not just a small iPhone view on the iPad.

2. iRegatta can now get instrument information from NMEA devices using WiFi (like iNmea). This means iRegatta will work on iPod touch and iPads without GPS, if your boat has a device that broadcasts NMEA 0183 information from your boats instruments via WiFi.

iRegatta 1.30 is on it's way

A new version of iRegatta is sent to Apple for approval. In the new version you will find these new features:

  • Tap any readout in the main view to enlarge it
  • A statistic view has been added with Max speed, Trip odometer and a polar diagram.
  • If your iPhone has a compass, you can create a temporary waypoint for navigation by cross bearings taken with the internal camera.