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    Good news for Android users

    iRegatta for Android has been updated for use with Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat and support will continue in the future.

    Zifigo has partnered with "Madman Marine", to continue development and support for iRegatta on the Android platform.
    Zifigo will continue to develop and support the iOS version, while Madman Marine will do the same for the Android version.
    For support of the Android version, your new contact will be: support@madmanmarine.com

    iRegatta Talks to you

    From version 4.32.0, iRegatta for iOS can read out your instruments for you.
    If you are to busy looking at the screen, attach a headset to your iPhone or iPad, and setup iRegatta to read your chosen instruments and/or the count down to the start for you.
    In the settings you chose what to read out, and how often.

    iRegatta Log

    iRegatta Log is an all-in-one app solution for coaches and sailors of all levels.
    Store information about each team you are racing with or teams you are coaching,
    Store information about all venues you are racing or training at, to easily brush up the knowledge about the venue you gained last time you visited.

    For each regatta or training session you can store information about wind, current, insidents on the water and notes you want to remenber or share with others.
    If you are a coach, you can also use the build in timer, for start line practise.

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