Version 3.03.0

3.03.0 is released on Android and in the approval process at Apple.

A couple of new features are included:

1. While counting down to the start, a polar is projected on top of the boat position, showing how far you can sail in any direction according to your polar. this should help you estimate if you can reach the other end of the line before the gun.

2. If tracking with "Extended logging", Performance percentage is added to the file.

iRegatta on Android continues after all

In the last week I got many mails from user encouraging me to continue the work with iRegatta on Android - thanks a lot for the support.

I've decided to give it another chance, and continue the development parallel with the iOS version. After all, the basic work is done, and from here it'll only be added functionality...

The main issue is the diversity in Android hardware, so I would like to encourage all iRegatta Android users to go to the forum and tell what device and Android version you are using, and let other (or new users) know if you experience any problems.

iOS 6 WiFi problems

There are quite a few reports on the internet about devices not beeing able to connect to Ad Hoc WiFi networks after updating to iOS 6.

So if you are running iRegatta with NMEA input from a Ad Hoc WiFi network, you should consider to pospone your iOS 6 update till iOS 6.0.1 (or what ever the first maintainance release will be) is available.


With the new iOS (and the development tools that come with it), the original iPhone and iPhone 3G will no longer be supported. It'll no be possible to submit updates that support these devices.
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 will still be supported.

All 3 iPad generations should still be supported, even though iPad1 won't be able to upgrade to iOS6, but that doesn't effect iRegatta.

Android versions will be discontinued

iRegatta will be discontinued on Android platform by October 2012.
Only iOS version will be supported and continue development!

This also goes for droidAIS.

This is due to the challenges to make iRegatta and droidAIS work on all Android devices.
Some devices perform allright, others fail, behave strange or are limited.
Some Android implementations are malicious or not reliable, while others perform floor less.

This makes it hard (or close to impossible) to create an app that performs as expected and has the quality level I would like to supply.

Lost TCP connection - help is on it's way on iOS

Some iPhone/iPad user experience that they are loosing the connection to a NMEA to WiFi device after some time (depending on hardware).
The TCP protocol doesn't help detecting this problem, as only a sending device will realize that the connection is broken, a receiving device get's no errors, it just keeps waiting for data.

Forums are closed

Due to heaps of Forum spam, I've decided to close down the forums.
I tried all kind of measures, but forum hackers keep posting, and I don't wan't to use any more time for daily cleanup and IP-blocking.

Sorry for this to all "real" forum users.

I've created a new forum at an external forum provider. All old posts are lost (sorry for that), but I hope this will give us a forum without anoying spam!

Some Android devices "lie"

iRegatta checks up with the device what features are available, but unfortunately som devices return wrong informations, that may cause iRegatta to crash.
We've seen some cheap tablets bought with the sole purpose to run iRegatta with WiFi input. Some of these devices have no GPS, but when iRegatta "asks Android" if there's GPS available, Android returns YES, causing iRegatta to crash when the non-existing GPS is initialized.