HUD for iRegatta

Heads Up Display is comming to iRegatta this summer.
iRegatta will come with a new "eyeRegatta" feature this summer, based on the "Jet" Heads-Up display glasses from Recon Instruments (
Development is on it's way, but the Jet glasses are not yet available on the marked, so when exactly this will be available cannot be confirmed right now.

Drop pin on map as waypoint

When adding or editing waypoints in iRegatta, you can now tap the "Map" button from the add/edit waypoint view, to get to a map where you can "drop a pin" to set the position of the waypoint. Simply long tap on the position on the map, and the pin will move to that position.
This feature is available from version 3.36.0, that should be available on all platforms within 24 hours.

For all iPad1 users...

iRegatta 3.35.0 unfortunately crashed on all devices with iOS versions lower than 6.0, like the iPad1.

Now you should be able to downgrade again to the latest working version.
App store will tell you that an update is available. If your device hasn't iOS 6.0 or higher, it'll ask you if you want to install the latest version for your device, accept that and you'll get version 3.30.1 and you should be back in buisness.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

Regards Thomas

Problem with iRegatta on iPad 1

Since the release of iRegatta 3.35.0 users with iOS versions prior to iOS 6.0 experience crash after startup.
This is often seen on iPad 1's, cause it cannot be upgraded to iOS 6.0.

I'm quite surprised the upgrade made it through Apples approval procedure with a fault like that!

I'm currently working with Apple on how to restrict devices with iOS versions lower than 6.0 from downloading iRegatta 3.35.0, and again make the previous version available for iPad 1 users - hopefully we will come to a solution pretty soon.

iRegatta 3.35.0 with Pebble 2.0

Version 3.35.0 of iRegatta is upcoming, including these new features:
- Import of existing track files (csv format), good if you want to use the newly added "Post Race Analysis" feature on older tracks.
- Post your tracks on facebook, including duration, distance and max speed directly from iRegatta.
- Extra features in the Pebble interface.

Version 3.30.1 for iOS

Besides bug fixes, the new version has bigger buttons in the iPad version and generally higher contrast on the button ikons. This should improve the user experience when using iRegatta in bright sun light.

Android update

A new version is now available for Android, including the In-App purchase for Post Race Analysis, that iOS users got some weeks ago.

Along with the new feature, this version also has an update on button graphics. They are now at higher resolution and better contrast.

Post Race Analysis

In version 3.30.0 of iRegatta, there will be the option of buying a new feature called "Post Race Analysis". Below there is a brief description of how it works:

With this in-App purchase you'll be able to analyse your racing if you have tracked it.
Based on tracked wind information and position/course and speed, iRegatta will split your track into up and down wind legs, and each leg will be devided into starboard and port tacks.