iRegatta 2.85 for iOS - exciting new features

A new version is on it's way, and it has some great new features.

A new "Trim" button in the Statistics View, let's you trim/uptimize your polars.
In the sample below only a few values have been typed in for the one side of the polar. A tap on the Trim button an values have been mirrored and interpolated - also interpolated across windspeeds. This will make it a lot easier to get a valid polar.

It's now possible to save temporare waypoints

A new setting to let iRegatta determin your best tack and jibe angle from your polar. So if you have a valid polar you don't need to type in these values, and they'll even be windspeed dependent.

A new "steering bar" in the race view, will help you steer the right up- and downwind course for optimal VMG - based on polar or typed in values for tack and jibe angle.

A new burn or gain bar in the start view, will visualize if you need to burn or gain some time to hit the line at the gun.

Look out for version2.85!


Enthusiastic Iregatta user here in sunny Rome.
I like the interpolation. was trying the same thing importing the values into a CAD application for the same purpose.
One weird thing happening though.
As I read the values in excel ther are some non-realistic figures... I have a bavaria 40 cruiser and values around 12-or-so knots are above scale... :-)
I actually had a reading of 1240 !!!
Any clue on what may be wrong?