iRegatta 2.70 for iOS submitted

iRegatta for iOS has an In-App-Purchase where you can import and export polars.

A new release has been submitted to Apples App Store, and with a little luck this should be available around christmas.

In this new release you can also import and export waypoints in the GPX file format from the In-App-Purchase. This feature is located in the lower left corner of the statistics view (when version 2.70 is released).

iRegatta NMEA input from Bluetooth or Wifi

iOS and Android devices kind of compliment each other in this matter.

On one hand Apple restricts the use of BlueTooth, which makes it impossible to receive NMEA data over a Bluetooth connection. But if you have a device that establishes a WiFi network, you can make an Ad Hoc connection and get your data using the TCP or UDP protocol.

iRegatta android 1.50

Version 1.50 has been released, including a statistics view with Max Speed, Trip Odometer, Polar diagrams and a performance bar on the race view, comparing your current performance with your polars.

Make sure to set the wind informations correct for polars to make sense.