Android version shut down

The android version of iRegatta has now been pulled of Google Play. Unfortunately that also makes it impossible to support existing Android customers with bug fixes.
I'm sorry for this, but there doesn't seem to be possible to remove it from sales but still send updates to existing customers.

From now on, development will concentrate on the iOS platform.

Apple Watch

iRegatta version 4.25.0 has Apple Watch integration as a new feature.
With an In-App-Purchase in iRegatta, you'll be able to use your Apple Watch with iRegatta. It gives you a basic Race View with two readouts and a Start View where you can ping the line and controll the countdown.

Android feature freeze

IMPORTANT: iRegatta for Android will no longer get new features. All continued development will be on iOS only. IRegatta for Android will still receive bug fixes, but probably only for newer Android versions.

Similis simile gaudet

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iRegatta 4.15.2 crashes

Version 4.15.2 of iRegatta does cause crashes in vital features. If you haven't updated yet, wait for version 4.15.3.

4.15.3 has been submitted to Apple for review, and an expedite review has been requested, but it's still going to take a couple of days for it to pass.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

eyeRegatta Progress

EyeRegatta will be a limited edition of iRegatta, simply caused by the smaller display and the limited input options.

The plan is to make eyeRegatta work in 3 different modes: